The last days of february

I'm sitting in my favourite cafe with my favourite drinks ~ cappuccino & soda water ~ reflecting on the week & how best to approach the next month of this 2020 year. This week I spent the mornings focusing on music & wrote a handful of new guitar songs. Lots of ideas to work with. My next guitar album has very different content to the songs on E@D. It's more empowered, to state it clearly, its more free. Less about love and more about the fight & also the fight beyond the fight ~ if you catch me on that ... ;) I'm excited about the new season. Spring is fully showing herself with streets full of blooming cherry blossoms & lots of little budding colors in the earth. It makes me feel alive ~ in a way the winter puts something in me to sleep & inside of myself. I spend a lot of time in winter reflecting & focusing on my art practice. I take the opportunity to not be very present in the city. Now with spring & summer I'm submitting festival applications, putting my name in for volunteer & work opportunities & looking at spots to show my paintings. Fully emerging with those colors. Aha, what else can be done? resist ? ;P I'm focusing my art practice on quick movements of bold colors, multiple canvases , just cycling through them with no fear. I'm liking it, its a nice balance of chaos & contrast & clarity ~ clarity of decision making. & so the waves crash today & so the sun beams & so i sit and am blessed to drink a coffee with peace around me.


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Victoria, BC Canada

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