So Much Love Today

Here I am, it's a stunning day in Victoria, the sun is out, it's Saturday, I can hear the birds chirping, this city is honestly... paradise. Im lucky to live here, I know I am privileged to be on this land at all and I try to focus on gratitude every day so that I cherish it. The water, the trees, the beaches, the earth. I would like to be in the sun but I am determined to sit and work a bit on this website and get some words down. This week I wrote in the mornings, lyrics and melodies for my new record. I'm hoping to get the songs done in the next few months so that I can record late spring. The songs are different than my first album, there will be more instruments and a celtic anthemic vibe. I'm trying to keep a consistent morning writing practice so that the songs get done, and it's a whole new instrument (piano) so there is lots to learn! I also got in the studio this week, I'm working on a new sculpture, larger then I've built before. It's made of natural materials I've been gathering from curbsides and piles around the city. I'm planning to show it in the city centre. Anyways, the sun is out so I best keep working so I can get to the beach soon :)

'So Much Love Today' is a song on my first album Epiphanies At Dawn


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