Mary Lapp is an artist from Vancouver Island, Victoria BC.

Music: Lapp’s music is inspired by her Celtic ancestry and desire to write about ancient wisdom in a contemporary pop style. She sings about love, strong values, holding your head up and believing in yourself. Lapp is a firm believer in the power of music to heal and transcend barriers and divides and she released a 12 track album entitled "Epiphanies At Dawn" in Spring 2020. The album features Lapp’s vocals, guitar and songwriting and was recorded on Pender Island at Dobres Studios.

Visual Art: Lapp's work focuses around her connection with the wild, her multi-disciplinary art practice and her passion for dynamic expression.  Lapp works in mixed-media: acrylic & textiles (wools & silks), her work is bold and textured, pulling on previous art movements that inspire her contemporary art practice.  


Photography by Marlboro Wang



Victoria, BC Canada

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