Mary Lapp is an artist from Vancouver Island, Victoria BC.

Music: Lapp’s music is inspired by her Celtic ancestry and desire to write about ancient wisdom in a contemporary pop style. She sings about love, strong values, holding your head up and believing in yourself. Lapp is a firm believer in the power of music to heal and transcend barriers and divides and she released a 12 track album that speaks to a worldview inspired by healing and love. The album features Lapp’s vocals, guitar and songwriting and was recorded on Pender Island at Dobres Studios. Lapp is touring her album this summer, applying to festivals and venues worldwide. She is currently writing her second  album which she will be recording later this year entitled "Keys To The Kingdom."

Visual Art: Lapp's work focuses around her connection with the wild, her multi-disciplinary art practice and her passion for dynamic expression.  Lapp works in mixed-media: acrylic & textiles (wools & silks), her work is bold and textured, pulling on inspiration from previous art movements that ground her contemporary art practice.  

Photography by Marlboro Wang



Victoria, BC Canada

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